Emily's Donuts and Cafe  

7123 Merrimac TrailWilliamsburgVA 23185, USA


         Ever since I was little my dad, Jim, has always had his own business. He formerly owned Yates Fire Protection.  As a little girl I grew up going with him to different jobs and meeting all of his customers. He is someone that likes to work and stay busy. I knew that when he decided to sell his business and retire that it would not last long. Shortly after he retired he began to look into new projects. He has always loved to bake and for many years has said that someone should open up a cafe with fresh donuts made daily. Well, about three years ago he began his research into making donuts. Slowly over time I noticed that new baking equipment would show up in our garage. He finally decided that he wanted to open up a donut shop and cafe. Following this I noticed more and more things showing up in our garage. Many times I would come home from college and ask my mom if he had even found a building yet and the answer was always no. Dad continued his research and buying equipment. My parents went on many road trips visiting donut and coffee shops all over. My dad spent three years researching donut makers, coffee supplies and other ingredient suppliers until he found the best ones. He had everything ready and planned out, the only thing he was missing was a building with a good location. Finally, this fall he found a building but the only problem was it needed a lot of work, it was a project in itself. Despite this my dad was able to look at the building and see all the potential it had and he moved foreword. The building was gutted, striped to the bones, cleaned, sanitized and then the rebuilding process began. This business has become a family project for us. We have spent many days together, talking through everything, interviewing, picking out paint colors and decorations. This dream has been a part of our family for some time and we are excited to finally be open and sharing this dream with our customers.
 -Emily Yates 

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